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Touch of

We are very passionate about creating designs that are both effective and unique. We recently partnered with Touch of Mediterranean restaurant to reinvent their brand through custom illustration and a website design.

The combination of handwritten and serif fonts is giving both casual and balanced vibes, just like Mediterranean food is. 

The Story

The client wanted to showcase their love for Mediterranean lifestyle and food, so we went with serif fonts that look modern, but sophisticated and added a small olive illustration that will be used on their napkins, business cards and storefront.

What we wanted to emphasize with the custom illustrations of food and wine, is simplicity and relaxation. We wanted to bring the Mediterranean to every table in the restaurant, for everyone to feel like they're somewhere on the beach, inhaling salty air and enjoying the golden sun. 

Colors that we chose are warm and inviting, hoping to bring that feeling of comfort and satisfaction while looking at them. 

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