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About Cherry

My husband and I launched this business after many years of working in the industry with people from all over the world. Those individuals, whom I consider friends, were the ones who encouraged us to finally start our own business. I am a fashion and graphic designer, while my husband is a software developer. We have both been working in the marketing industry for the past ten years. 

So, we have been in marketing for ages, but when we first started, people asked why we named our business Cherry Boom since we don't sell cherries. Well, here's the funny story...


My husband loves trees and plants and we have a ton of fruit trees and stuff in our backyard. All the trees are doing great, except for the cherry tree. Every time he plants one, it just dies. He's tried four different cherry trees, and finally, one of them survived. So, one day he came home and said, "Our cherry blossoms." Our toddler heard that and said, "Cherry boom." We probably wouldn't have noticed that, but he kept repeating it all day long. It was adorable, so we decided to call it that. By the way, Apple doesn't sell apples, right?!.


This business started in our family, and we treat every new member or client like family. We're here to help your business, take some of the hard work off your shoulders, give you advice, and do whatever it takes to level up your business because your success is our success too. We can guarantee you transparency in our work. Some clients want to be informed about every step of our work for them, and we're happy to provide you with every single detail of our progress. Don't hesitate to ask us whatever you need.

We're here for you!

Start a project with us.

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